Susan Handelman... Empowerment for Acting

"The actors are prepared, professional, and always come in with a fresh perspective on material when Susan has coached them."

~Sam Samuelson
Film/TV/Theatre, Stewart Talent

"I am a director of a children's theater in Winnetka. We put on very high quality Broadway shows that have children in them 4th through 8th grade. Many parents on the North Shore call me to recommend a acting coach to help them not only with auditions but during the production. I always recommend Susan Handelman. She does wonders with these kids. I loved how she works with them. I see such a difference after they have been going to her. Many have gone from chorus to leads in my productions after working with her. She is a wonderful acting coach and she is the only acting coach that I would recommend."

~Cathy Herschmann
Director, Winnetka Children's Theater

"We hold castings here at our office, and when I call people in, I can always tell when they have studied with Susan. They all come very prepared and focused. I have heard nothing but great things from all of her students, and we can really see the outcome in the actors who study with her. She's such a sweet person with a great passion to coach others. I've enjoyed working with her over the years!"

~Jessica Thomas
Sessions Director, O'Connor Casting

"In my experience of being a talent agent in Chicago, I have seen many talent with a wide range of experience and know-how of the industry, some better prepared than others. I can spot a student of Susan's a mile away. She has made my job easier for developing my talent to their fullest extent. She prepares them with the proper etiquette needed to prosper in the complex world of the entertainment industry. Knowing that one of my talents have trained with Susan makes me confident that they will impress any casting director, thus impressing me. Susan cares for each of her students on a professional and personal level and I have yet to meet a talent that does not beam with confidence and talent after working with her."

~Erika Strickmaker
Print/On-Camera Agent, Former Agent Lily's Talent Agency